Are Pearls trending?

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Did you know that pearls are one of the most sought-after gemstones? In certain periods throughout history, pearls were regarded as the ultimate symbol of status and refinement. Because of this, pearls have earned their rightful title as the “Queen of Jewels”. 

So many references to pearls can be found throughout myth and history. From ancient Rome to the glitz and glamor of the early-Hollywood era, pearls have been universally-adored for centuries. 

Prized for their natural, oceanic brilliance and beautiful high-luster display, it’s easy to see why pearls have become so cherished around the world.

Symbolically, pearls remind us of the knowledge that is gained through time and experience. In fact, “pearls of wisdom” remains a familiar phrase even today. 

Indeed, pearls serve as a reminder of the natural beauty and grace that develops with time. Perhaps that’s why these luminescent “sea-gems” are such a time-honored favorite among women of every age. 

Our one-of-a-kind, sustainably sourced pearl collection features elegant, heirloom-worthy pieces that make thoughtful gifts for loved ones – or for yourself!

Pearls make an especially lovely gift for memorable life events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and coming-of-age ceremonies.  

Freshwater vs Saltwater Pearls 

  The difference between saltwater and freshwater pearl jewelry can be understood by their respective names. Freshwater pearls are sourced from a special type of cultivated mollusk found in ponds, lakes, and rivers. These types of pearls are smaller, denser, and almost completely made up of nacre – or mother of pearl – which is what gives them their trademark shimmering iridescent quality.

By contrast, saltwater pearls are formed in the oceans and require much more time to grow than their freshwater counterpart. Saltwater pearl-producing mollusks cultivate larger, naturally luminescent pearls. People familiar with saltwater pearls describe them as having a “mirror-like” quality. However, the great amount of time it takes to produce saltwater pearls along with their scarcity makes saltwater pearls quite rare and as a result, highly valued.

Due to their rarity in nature today, most pearls are cultivated or harvested by divers. Their natural underwater origin paired with the incredible amount of time it takes for natural pearls to form makes them one of the world's most rare gemstones.

Freshwater pearls from RG are sourced by ethical farmers using sustainable pearl farming practices. RG will soon feature sustainably-sourced saltwater Akoya pearls in our pearl collection.  

Highlights from the RG pearl collection 


Our natural pearl collection showcases simple, yet classic designs that add a dose of timelessness and glamour to your everyday appearance. Featured here are some of our most popular and best-selling styles that are as timeless as they are beautiful. We hope you embrace these staple pieces as the newest addition to your signature style. 

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces 

When you think of pearls, necklaces are usually the first piece of jewelry that comes to mind. Our pearl collection features classic, timeless designs bonded with authentic 14k gold-filled hardware. These designs look effortlessly chic when layered with other RG pearl pieces or worn alone in a classic single strand.

We love the irregular, textured look of the Organic Shapes Pearl Necklace layered between the more traditional shapes of the cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklace and Pearl Statement Necklace.

Browse our collection of unique-shaped pearl jewelry pieces like our Oval Pearl Necklace. Or, if you prefer a piece that gives off a more delicate, romantic look– you’ll love the look and lightweight feel of our Small Freshwater Pearl Necklace.  


Our bold oval pearl bracelet features a stunning arrangement of oval-shaped freshwater pearls and 14k gold-filled hardware. Our pearl bracelet pieces are designed to add a strikingly delicate and polished look to your look. Even the most dainty of pearl bracelets lend an air of sophistication and class to any outfit. They can be worn to dress up casual looks or to add a touch of glamor to more formal looks.


Like all of our collections, the pieces in our pearl collection are designed to mix, match, stack, and layer! 

We love the composition and contrast that is created when pairing the oval pearl bracelet with a delicate pearl ring accent. In addition to this, stacking trendy pearl rings can create a luminous tiered halo effect. 

Good and pearl come together in this collection to create a lovely juxtaposition of warm and cool white tones. The contrasting hues against the skin create a soft glow that looks beautiful against every skin tone.  


Our best-selling Gold Pearl Hoops are back! These must-have earrings feature a 3mm freshwater pearl that delicately hangs on a classic 14k gold-filled hoop. These iridescent hoop earrings have a way of lending a polished and refined charm to anyone who wears them. 

We love the contrast of the glistening pearl against the glow of the surrounding 14k gold-filled hoop. Our Gold Pearl Hoops come in 15mm or 13mm sizes for those days when you want a bold, dramatic look or a more minimalist style. Wear them on their own or mix and match with other RG earrings such as our 14k Pearl Huggie Hoops which feature a smaller, more delicate hoop and 5mm freshwater pearl accent.


Explore Our Pearl Collection 

We’ve shared some of the most loved pieces in the RG Pearl Collection, but there’s even more beautiful freshwater pearl jewelry to view on our Pearl Collection page

Each piece in the RG collection is carefully and artfully crafted by hand to help emphasize your unique style, using only the highest quality ethically sourced materials. We are proud to create jewelry using only the best in sustainable sourced freshwater pearls. Additionally, RG will soon feature sustainably-sourced Akoya pearls in our saltwater pearl collection.  

Explore the pearl collection to find your new signature piece perfectly fitted with this eternally classic gemstone. 


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