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Ear lobe and cartilage piercing performed by a trained and certified specialist. 

Choose between 14k Yellow Gold, 14k White Gold, or Titanium studs. 

Our piercing posts are fully encapsulated to prevent accidental cross contamination.

Unique patented safety back promotes safer healing and prevents the earring back from being over tightened.

We use an FDA approved safe, gentle and sterile hand pressured instrument (not to be confused with old spring loaded gun).

Ear Piercing Appointment

Ear Piercing Appointment

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Location San Diego (UTC)


We offer Ear Lobe and Cartilage piercings. Choose between solid 14k Yellow Gold, 14k White Gold or Titanium. You can view our selection of studs here. 

Titanium: Piercings start at $65 for a single stud piercing, or $95 for two. Studs and safety backs included.

14k Solid Gold: Piercings start at $95 for a single stud piercing, or $125 for two. Studs and safety backs included.

We use a hand pressured instrument (not to be confused with the old spring loaded guns). We also use fully encapsulated and ultra sharp posts which reduces the initial piercing sensation, and unlike the old spring loaded gun, our instrument does not shatter the cartilage. 
After testing different processes, we determined that the piercing system we use is the safest, most gentle and sterile. For several reasons:

1. Fully Enclosed Earring Cartridges
Prevents exposure to cross contamination.

2. The patented Safety Back™ shields the sharp piercing post and prevents the earring from being over tightened to the ear. This provides optimal air flow helping promote healing.

3. Hypo-allergenic earrings* All earrings are Manufactured in the United States and are made compliant to FDA guidelines. Alloys you can trust!

4. Sterility is Guaranteed. Unless the package is opened or damaged. Inverness follows strict sterilization protocols which allow for the written guarantee on every earring cassette.

5. Hand Pressured Piercing Instrument. Our piercing instrument delivers a gentle and accurate piercing. The unique design ensures that only the disposable earring cartridge touches the ear.

Yes, each of our ear piercing technicians are properly trained and certified for ear lobe and cartilage piercing. 

We recommend cleaning your ear lobe piercing three times a day for 6 weeks, and your cartilage piercing three times a day for 12 weeks. You will receive a complimentary ear cleaning solution with your purchase of a piercing that you can easily apply yourself with a q-tip or cotton swab. We also offer the ear cleaning solution for $5 a bottle if you need more!

We accept cancellations or rescheduling 24 hours before your scheduled time slot, otherwise your deposit will be forfeited. 

You must be at least 13 years or older to be pierced at RG. If you are not over the age of 18, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Yes, appointments are recommended as we need proper notice for setup and our trained staff to be present. 

Walk ins may be available. Please call ahead to check. 

No, we do not use butterfly backs as butterfly backs are known to cause irritation and infections. We use a unique and patented safety back which promotes safer healing and prevents the earring back from being over tightened

In an industry that is known for conflict, it is of the utmost importance to us that we and the companies in our supply chain practice sustainability in our day to day operations.
Please have a look at our sustainability promise for more information.  

We allow 20 - 30 minutes for each appointment.

The Inverness Ear Piercing System we use has been in use for more than 40 years now in many jewelry stores, department stores, salons, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, and body piercing shops in over 40 countries around the world. To date, the system has been used to successfully pierce over 200 million pairs of ears.

The Inverness System has two unique features designed to ensure the safest ear piercing experience possible.

1. Inverness is the only ear piercing system with fully-enclosed earring capsules that prevent our piercing earrings and patented Safety Back™ from being exposed to potential contaminants prior to piercing. Our earring capsules are packaged in sealed, sterilized cartridges that are not opened until selected for piercing. Unlike other systems on the market, our earrings are never exposed until they are safely inserted in the ear.

2. Our patented Safety Back™ allows for the safest healing possible by shielding the piercing tip and preventing the earring back from being squeezed too tight. This allows for proper airflow and prevents the earring back from becoming embedded during the healing process. Inverness is the ONLY ear piercing system with the patented Safety Back™.

Why do you say “gentle”?

Is there a risk associated with the sharp tip of the piercing earring?

Why do you use the word “instrument”? Isn’t it a piercing “gun”?

Where can I have my ears pierced with the Inverness System?

What is the gauge of your piercing earrings?

There are a number of reasons the Inverness System is both safe & gentle:

1. Unlike loud piercing guns that shoot a spring-loaded piercing earring through the tissue, our hand-pressured instrument is very smooth and quiet.

2. Our system will pierce your ears and attach our patented Safety Clutch™ in one quick, smooth motion.

3. Our piercing earrings are specially designed with ultra-thin piercing posts & a finely honed piercing tip to help the earrings glide through the lobe as easily as possible. In fact, most people report they feel no discomfort at all when they are pierced with the Inverness System.

The posts of our earrings are .030” in diameter which is between 20 and 21 gauge.