Spring Is In Full Bloom With Our Cleo Collection

This year the season of growth and renewal comes as we emerge from darker days. With winter behind us and the hope of warmth, togetherness and new beginnings on the horizon, we’re all inhaling the sweet smell of a new season after holding our breath for so long. 



Now, it’s only fitting that as spring swings into full bloom we launch our latest collection of emerald encrusted jewels. Symbolic of fertility, growth, rebirth and wisdom, the emerald has been revered by ancient cultures all over the world for its beauty and raw, natural power.


Left to right: 14k Emerald Pyramid Ring, 14k Emerald Bezel Ring, 14k Thin Emerald Dome Ring


Cleopatra famously wore gleaming green emeralds, and Atahualpa, the last Inca emperor, adorned the Crown of the Andes with an array of emeralds, including an incredible 24-carat emerald. The Greeks also held the emerald in high regard, author Pliny the Elder, who died in the infamous eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, writing, ‘nothing greens greener.’ 




Designing upon this cross-cultural significance and the emeralds symbolism, we created an entirely new collection that shows off this stone’s most beautiful natural properties and empowers you. Evoking the feeling of royalty who have adored this stone for millenia, we also created pieces clad with diamonds and other precious gems, centering the collection around the rich color of gold. 

Up Close With The Cleo Collection

Rings are always a favorite, but this season stone rings are having a major moment, so we designed an array of rings outfitted with green emeralds and other precious stones. Our Pyramid ring, which evokes a Cleopatra style, features a prominent 1.12 CTW emerald that gleems against the 14k gold. Sitting prominently on your finger, the Pyramid ring is the perfect statement piece — comfortable enough for everyday wear and elegant enough to dress up any outfit.

For those who want something with a smaller profile there’s the Crown Ring, featuring a 2mm band with an 8x6mm emerald, moonstone or gemstone of your choosing held in a crown setting. Perfect for a pop of color or stacking, the Crown Ring is totally versatile and will be the ring you mix, match and wear all the time. Because we just can’t get enough of emeralds, we also designed these beautiful 14k Gold Emerald Studs, which shine on their own or perfectly pair with whatever else you’re stacking on your ear.


And if the emerald doesn’t quite suit your style, or you want two different options of your new favorite piece in your jewelry box, we can customize these rings or earrings with with any gemstone of your choosing. 




Continuing with our royal theme, RG has also embraced gold and diamonds this season. Our new 14k Oval Diamond Dome Ring is one of our favorite examples, featuring a unique 4x3mm oval diamond, weighing in at .18 carats and inset into our signature Dome Ring.

Another favorite is our Pave Rectangle Signet Ring forged out of 14k Gold with .10 carats of diamonds, as well as our Diamond Snake Ring featuring graduated diamonds on the head and tail.




You won’t want to miss our new, 14k Moon Phase Dome Ring, either — adorned with two shimmering diamonds that shine like stars in the sky. Fun yet classic and elegant, these rings will soon become staples of your wardrobe and signature style.


Our 14k Tri-Diamond Studs are another great addition to your new spring wardrobe, the dainty bezel set of three graduating diamonds add a hint of subtle glamour while embracing the organic lines and shapes we love. And if you adore these, you won’t want to miss our new tennis bracelet featuring 14k gold and 2-carats worth of diamonds.



For the past 40-years our in-house jeweler has been making tennis bracelets by hand, mastering the intricate art of setting thousands of diamonds in gold settings. We finally thought it was time to showcase his work in our store with our signature RG stamp that brings timeless modernity to classic favorites. A piece that became vogue in the 1920’s, the tennis bracelet actually didn’t get its modern moniker until tennis legend Chris Evert started sporting one on the court. Today, this bracelet is a favorite amongst men and women who want to sport a little glam comfortably and effortlessly on the go. We promise, once you slip this on, you’ll have no reason to take it off.


But, don’t just take our word for it. Take a moment to browse our new collection, take a closer look at our pieces and find your new favorite RG piece. Whether you’re drawn to the rich colored emeralds or the allure of diamonds, there’s something in this collection for everyone who is looking for a fresh start this season.

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Looking back to move forward

As we enter the new year, we can’t help but look back on the last and reflect. Overwhelmed by your support, we found ourselves continually humbled by how many people rallied together to support our small businesses and help keep our doors open — literally. 

When we launched our storefront in Atwater Village in Los Angeles at the start of 2020, we had no idea the challenges that were just on the horizon. However, this community stood behind RG and supported us the entire way, allowing us to keep our shopfront and run our business digitally for all those who couldn’t come to visit.




Whatsmore, we were proud to see how you, our community, aligned and backed our mission to give back and be more sustainable. Looking ahead into 2021, we want to build upon the efforts of the last year and continue to make a positive impact. 

More giving back

It is an understatement to say that last year was tough for so many individuals and businesses. But with this community, we were able to keep our doors open and continue doing what we love. This inspired us to double down on our philanthropic efforts in 2020, and with your support, we were able to donate to the Direct Relief organization who helped provide immediate front line support upon the Covid-19 pandemic. We also launched our One Tree Planted campaign for the holidays with your purchases directly helping to plant trees after the devastating California wildfires.

In 2021, we want to continue these philanthropic efforts as a company and a community. At RG, we are dedicated to giving back to our community and planet, and with your support we know that we will continue to affect positive change. 

Continue to reinforce our sustainability promises

At RG, our commitment to sustainability is weaved into everything we do — from using only the finest, ethically sourced alloys to actively working to minimize our environmental impact. As we grow our business, we’re committed to reinforcing our sustainability processes and practices.

Our values will always steer us towards partners who pay fair wages to their employees, implement clean manufacturing practices and choose a responsible global supply chain of minerals. On a micro level, we are also constantly looking for ways to improve our sustainability practices here at our shop front and workshop. For example, RG is always looking for ways to commit to green energy, like choosing a storefront run on solar power and using PEFC certified wood — which promotes sustainable forest management — for our interior design. 

Create more unique collections

In 2020 we didn’t just survive, we thrived with the launch of an entirely new collection that was met with so much love and appreciation by you, our community. The Holiday Collection, featured entirely new luxe pieces like the 14k Gold and Diamond Starry Night Dome ring, but also an expansion of our classic, stackable pieces so you can continue to grow and evolve your RG jewelry collection and style. 


This coming year we are dedicated to creating more simple yet timeless heirlooms for you to cherish. While our new collections always add something fresh, everything we create is meant to be loved, worn, and last for a lifetime. Now, we don’t want to give too much away, but you can always count on us for affordable, sustainable gold and the perfect stacks. This coming year, you’re going to love what we have in store for you. 


But until then, we sincerely hope you are enjoying all of the signature RG pieces already in your jewelry box. We also hope you know how incredibly thankful we are for you and your support, especially this past year. Every piece you purchased from RG not only helped us sustain our business, craft and livelihood, but give back and effect change. Thank you for being part of our community — we wish you so much love, light and happiness this coming year. 

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Holiday Collection

'Tis the season of sparkles and layers, and we’re here to help you usher it in in-style.

Like all of our collections, our sparkly new holiday line is designed to mix, match and layer just like you would with all your favorite winter accessories. But, we’ve also added a little extra holiday magic with all new diamond pieces, warm and sensuous 14k gold necklaces and bracelets, as well as pearls as white as snow. 

Layer up

This time of year it’s all about layers. Layers of sweaters, scarves and coats. Layers of blankets. And now, layers of jewelry. In true RG fashion, our holiday collection is effortlessly stackable and matchable, giving you endless options to be creative and craft your personal style this season. 


We personally love the 16-inch Fresh Water Pearl Necklace worn high-up like a choker, layering it with the 14k Padlock Heart Necklace that sits just below it at your collarbone. The warmth of the 14k gold will reflect off your snow-white pearls, creating a beautiful juxtaposition of tones. 


You’re also going to love layering our Gold Venus Necklace with any of your other RG chains. This is a timeless take on the trendy link chain, designed with the most subtle twisting detail that reflects light. However, if you’re looking to stack it with something fresh, the 14k Gold Padlock Necklace is a beautiful choice. We’ve taken this traditional shape and modernized it, designing the lock to hold weight while still looking and feeling dainty. 

We also love this piece because it can be personalized with your initials, birthdate or favorite symbol. This customization also makes it the perfect gift to give to someone special this holiday season!


You already love to mix and match your RG rings, but it’s time you treat yourself and add a little extra sparkle to your stack. This season our celestial, 14k Gold and Diamond Starry Night Dome ring is just the piece to do so. Inspired by the brightness of a guiding star on a cool winter's night, this special holiday-edition ring features a bright center diamond encrusted in an eight-point star, two other diamonds beside it, also set within star shapes. We hope this ring reminds you, or the ones you love, to always look up with wonderment and to follow your guiding light.


We also added new sets of diamond earrings to our collection this holiday season, like the 14k Baguette Studs which hold a .10 carat weight. This timeless, elegant shape is the perfect addition to anyone's jewelry box, making it an ideal gift for the holiday season. There’s no better way to add a little extra sparkle to someone’s life than with diamonds, and these 14k, ethically-sourced diamond earrings will last a lifetime as accent earrings in the second hole or the perfect minimalist studs. 


Spread joy

It goes without saying that this holiday season is going to be different from the rest. This year, we won’t be able to visit everyone we love, or gather them all around our tables to share a meal. So as we look towards this unique holiday season, let’s also look forward to it.

Let’s relish the feeling of magic that comes with this time of year. Let’s look for new ways to spread joy. Let’s look towards new traditions. Let’s be thankful for all the people who were there for us, and show them how much we care.


This year, we invite you to browse our holiday collection and choose a piece (or two) for someone you love or who has supported you this year. Many of our gifts are customizable with personal engravings, plus, we’re offering beautiful holiday packaging that includes a handwritten note. 


So whether you’re looking for something sparkly and stackable to add to their collection (like this 14k Diamond Flat Band) or something simple and personal (like this Gold Flat Circle Ring) — we’re here to help. Shop our entire holiday collection now.
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For every purchase, RG will plant a tree with One Tree Planted

We’re Partnering with One Tree Planted To Reforest After The Wildfires

Our commitment to sustainability is weaved into everything we do at RG — from using only the finest, ethically sourced alloys to actively working to minimize our environmental impact. Now, with wildfires raging in California which we call home, we want to take that commitment even further. 

We initially launched this campaign last September through fall and we were able to plant over 1,000 trees! With your help we think we can double that number this season. So, starting today, for every purchase via our website, we will be planting a tree with the help of the One Tree Planted organization

This partnership with One Tree Planted — a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation —  is just one step to combat the devastation along the West coast, but an important one. With your help, we believe this responsible effort will have a impact on our environment and local communities. 


“The fires have been an ongoing problem here in California for years, but the recent suffering of our communities and destruction of our land has impacted us all so directly. It showed us, first hand, how important it is to be committed to our environment,” explained RG owner, Rachel Karcich. “As a company that was built on a commitment to sustainability and positive environmental impact, we knew that we wanted to step up and help out during this natural disaster.”

Planting trees with One Tree Planted will not only help reforest areas flattened by the flames, but clean our air and water, recreate habitats for biodiversity and contribute to our health and wellbeing. Furthermore, this effort by RG and One Tree Planted helps create jobs for social impact in our community.


“We’re honored to be supporting reforestation efforts with One Tree Planted,” Rachel said. “Our customers understand the sustainability commitments we make as a company and value that, and I think that this reforestation effort with One Tree Planted shows just how dedicated we are. It also gives our customers an active role and way to help, and we love that.” 

Are you ready to start shopping for a good cause? For every purchase, One Tree Planted in partnership with RG will plant a tree for you in California or Oregon. Plus, we’re offering Free Shipping on orders over $75.

Browse our beautiful collection now!

Get to know One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. Their projects span the globe and are done in partnership with local communities and knowledgeable experts to create an impact for nature, people, and wildlife. Reforestation helps to rebuild forests after fires and floods, provide jobs for social impact, and restore biodiversity. Many projects have overlapping objectives, creating a combination of benefits that contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. To learn more, visit onetreeplanted.org

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What is a Signet Ring? Where Did it Originate From?

A signet ring has its own identity — it tells its own story. Our modern collection takes inspiration from this old-world heritage and infuses it with timeless elegance.
Here at RG, all of our 14k Gold Rings are handmade in Los Angeles using the finest materials. And while our pieces are contemporary works, our craft is deeply rooted in the storied tradition of jewelry making. The signet ring, a keystone of our permanent collection, is perhaps one of the best examples of our ability to create simple yet timeless heirlooms. Today, we want to introduce you to these unique pieces.

The History of the Signet Ring

With a history that stretches back to seemingly the beginning of time — think, 3500 B.C. — the signet ring is an important earmark in the evolution of metalwork and jewelry. Typically forged out of a thicker band and featuring a flat surface, the empty space on a signet ring is traditionally left blank so that the wearer can engrave their own personal mark.

Photo via MFA Boston

The people of Mesopotamia used signet rings, as did the Egyptians. Thousands of years later, in the middle ages, nobility and any person with money owned a signet ring as a status symbol. But, the real purpose of the signet throughout history has been its ability for someone to ‘make their mark’ — their ring featuring everything from their initials to meaningful symbols and a family crest. The wearer would often press their ring into wax, sealing documents with their official mark, a symbol of true authenticity. 

Today, signet rings are not commonly used to seal documents. However, they have come back into fashion because they are unique and customizable. Who wouldn’t want something no one else has? 

Precious, 14k Gold Signet Rings

Each signet ring we hand craft at the RG Los Angeles atelier is precious. Using the highest quality 14k gold or .925 sterling silver to forge your custom piece, we also allow you to take part in the storied tradition of the ring by choosing your very own, complimentary text or symbol to add to the piece.

To bring the signet ring into the 21st century, we have come up with a variety of contemporary, beautiful shapes to choose from. Of course, there are the traditional round and square signets, but the oval and thin signet rings are extraordinary examples of modern heirlooms that will surely stand the test of time. 

14k signet rings, 14k signet ring, ladies signet rings, modern signet rings, what is a signet ring, history of a signet ring

We have also crafted the diamond, heart and geometric signets, which are much more playful while embracing the heritage of these rings. These shapes are also special because they can actually stand quite well on their own, without an engraving. This makes them great for adding to your own stacks, or to give as a gift to someone who may want to engrave it themselves.

Our Geometric Signet, engraved in Belfast

But, two of our clients favorite signets are the ID signet, reminiscent of a dog tag, and the slender yet chunky rectangle signet. Both of these bold shapes have ample space for initial and name engravings, which are really sought after today.

Finally, one of our personal favorites in the collection is this beautiful starburst signet ring featuring a shimmering .025 carat diamond. This ring is the epitome of the modern signet, featuring this unique yet celestial inset. Plus, the added sparkle of the diamond makes this piece extra special. 

Recently, we were really touched by a customer who also found this ring special. She told us a beautiful story about how she bought this signet ring in remembrance of her father, who is now her guiding star in the sky.

“My ring came right on time as promised and is just beautiful. It has special meaning to me, as my dad has passed, and this was bought in remembrance of him and he is now my guiding star in the sky. This ring is not dainty but not too large either. It is just right. Love, love, love it and anticipate wearing it everyday for all occasions. Thank you so much. You can't find stuff like this in the stores at the mall!  — Jacqueline Y.

Excited to add a signet ring to your collection? Or know someone who would adore this as a gift? Browse our  beautiful 14k gold and sterling silver signet collections today to find your perfect signet ring. And don’t forget to choose your very own, free engraving at checkout!
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