Fall/Winter Collection '21

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As we transition into the crisp, cooler months of fall and winter,

we decided it was time to turn up the heat. Embracing smoldering red rubies, rich emeralds and our signature, warm 14k gold, our latest collection radiates with timeless elegance and sultry style.

The color palette of our new drop is perfect for this time of year, our red rubies matching the foliage and the velvet ribbons tied on everything from banisters to wreaths. Our emeralds are equally wearable, the juniper gem perfectly coordinating with twinkling evergreens and bunches of hanging mistletoe.

The perfect present for yourself or those who mean the most to you, our pieces are designed to make you smile and glow every time you glance at it.  So let’s explore the collection already, shall we?

14k Halo Necklace

Our one-of-a-kind Halo Necklace is a stunning example of our work with precious gems. Featuring an emerald surrounded by a halo of glittering genuine diamonds and set on our signature, 14k curb link chain, this necklace dares you not to notice it. Wearing this around your neck you’ll always carry the emerald’s powers of growth, rebirth and wisdom with you.

Other necklaces that put our emeralds center stage are the 14k Oval Emerald Necklace, featuring a beautiful 1 Carat oval emerald and halo of diamonds, as well as the delicate 14k Emerald Center Necklace, featuring a humble yet beautiful emerald set in a round bezel.

14k Oval Ruby Halo Necklace

Our ruby pendant is incredibly romantic, featuring a classic style that centers around a brilliant, oval ruby encrusted with diamonds. Boasting an elegant and regal flare, this ruby pendant drips with the timeless romance of a modern heirloom. 

RG's signature Dome Ring has also been updated with precious colored stones this season — the classic, bubble shape of our most beloved ring now featuring a crimson center stone. 


Our baguette cut and round, 14k gold bezel earrings now also feature other natural colored stones — these look great simply studs or accents to your favorite gold RG hoops.

14k Emerald Eternity Ring

Round viridescent emeralds encircle our eternity ring — each round shaped emerald also encrusted by a 14k gold bezel. This ring sits flat and daintily on your finger, making it the perfect colorful addition to your stack. 


If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, our 14k Leo Ring is for you. Choose between diamonds, emeralds or bright pink sapphires. Stack two or more together for a uniquely bold look. 

And if you’re already a fan of our Dome Ring, you’re going to love our emerald edition which is just as timelessly classic.

Pink Sapphires

One of our most unique and striking rings, our 14k Triple Pink Sapphire Baguette ring might be your favorite new piece this season. Featuring three pink, baguette cut sapphires on a 2mm 14k gold band, this ring has enduring appeal while feeling bright and modern.  

Other colorful new additions to our collection include our Blue Tanzanite and white hot Aquamarine Pyramid Rings, which are a cool spin on our warm autumn and winter collection. 

Our 14k Serpent Necklace is also sure to slither into your heart this season — we love this piece solo or stacked with your other favorite 14k gold RG chains. 

Explore our Fall & Winter Collection

If you can believe it, there’s even more to our new Fall & Winter collection. Explore all of our pieces and find your new favorite right here. 


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