Spring Is In Full Bloom With Our Cleo Collection

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This year the season of growth and renewal comes as we emerge from darker days. With winter behind us and the hope of warmth, togetherness and new beginnings on the horizon, we’re all inhaling the sweet smell of a new season after holding our breath for so long. 



Now, it’s only fitting that as spring swings into full bloom we launch our latest collection of emerald encrusted jewels. Symbolic of fertility, growth, rebirth and wisdom, the emerald has been revered by ancient cultures all over the world for its beauty and raw, natural power.


Left to right: 14k Emerald Pyramid Ring, 14k Emerald Bezel Ring, 14k Thin Emerald Dome Ring


Cleopatra famously wore gleaming green emeralds, and Atahualpa, the last Inca emperor, adorned the Crown of the Andes with an array of emeralds, including an incredible 24-carat emerald. The Greeks also held the emerald in high regard, author Pliny the Elder, who died in the infamous eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, writing, ‘nothing greens greener.’ 




Designing upon this cross-cultural significance and the emeralds symbolism, we created an entirely new collection that shows off this stone’s most beautiful natural properties and empowers you. Evoking the feeling of royalty who have adored this stone for millenia, we also created pieces clad with diamonds and other precious gems, centering the collection around the rich color of gold. 

Up Close With The Cleo Collection

Rings are always a favorite, but this season stone rings are having a major moment, so we designed an array of rings outfitted with green emeralds and other precious stones. Our Pyramid ring, which evokes a Cleopatra style, features a prominent 1.12 CTW emerald that gleems against the 14k gold. Sitting prominently on your finger, the Pyramid ring is the perfect statement piece — comfortable enough for everyday wear and elegant enough to dress up any outfit.

For those who want something with a smaller profile there’s the Crown Ring, featuring a 2mm band with an 8x6mm emerald, moonstone or gemstone of your choosing held in a crown setting. Perfect for a pop of color or stacking, the Crown Ring is totally versatile and will be the ring you mix, match and wear all the time. Because we just can’t get enough of emeralds, we also designed these beautiful 14k Gold Emerald Studs, which shine on their own or perfectly pair with whatever else you’re stacking on your ear.


And if the emerald doesn’t quite suit your style, or you want two different options of your new favorite piece in your jewelry box, we can customize these rings or earrings with with any gemstone of your choosing. 




Continuing with our royal theme, RG has also embraced gold and diamonds this season. Our new 14k Oval Diamond Dome Ring is one of our favorite examples, featuring a unique 4x3mm oval diamond, weighing in at .18 carats and inset into our signature Dome Ring.

Another favorite is our Pave Rectangle Signet Ring forged out of 14k Gold with .10 carats of diamonds, as well as our Diamond Snake Ring featuring graduated diamonds on the head and tail.




You won’t want to miss our new, 14k Moon Phase Dome Ring, either — adorned with two shimmering diamonds that shine like stars in the sky. Fun yet classic and elegant, these rings will soon become staples of your wardrobe and signature style.


Our 14k Tri-Diamond Studs are another great addition to your new spring wardrobe, the dainty bezel set of three graduating diamonds add a hint of subtle glamour while embracing the organic lines and shapes we love. And if you adore these, you won’t want to miss our new tennis bracelet featuring 14k gold and 2-carats worth of diamonds.



For the past 40-years our in-house jeweler has been making tennis bracelets by hand, mastering the intricate art of setting thousands of diamonds in gold settings. We finally thought it was time to showcase his work in our store with our signature RG stamp that brings timeless modernity to classic favorites. A piece that became vogue in the 1920’s, the tennis bracelet actually didn’t get its modern moniker until tennis legend Chris Evert started sporting one on the court. Today, this bracelet is a favorite amongst men and women who want to sport a little glam comfortably and effortlessly on the go. We promise, once you slip this on, you’ll have no reason to take it off.


But, don’t just take our word for it. Take a moment to browse our new collection, take a closer look at our pieces and find your new favorite RG piece. Whether you’re drawn to the rich colored emeralds or the allure of diamonds, there’s something in this collection for everyone who is looking for a fresh start this season.

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